The City of Industry is an interesting place to find something this new and exciting. If you’ve never seen anti-griddle ice cream before, you’re in for a real treat. Not only is it exciting to watch, but it’s also fresh! With familiar flavors like strawberry and banana split and unfamiliar options like dragon fruit and…

Lucie’s Locadas

Riverside has a lot to offer, and for that reason, only the best and most unique places are selected to be shown. If you enjoy Mexican desserts and snacks, you’ll remember Lucie’s.   Located at 1601 University Ave. 92507     They also appear to have new products coming soon!

Fieldhouse Restaurant & Bar

In Norco, there is a place called Silverlakes sports complex where equestrian and sport events are held. At this complex, there is a new restaurant.   Whether or not you’re going to Silverlakes for the events, you’ll be pleased with the Fieldhouse Restaurant & Bar.   Check out their menu on the website¬†   In…

Ceviche Joe’s (Delivery)

In Whittier, there is a food delivery service that specializes in ceviche, a shrimp-based Mexican dish.   Text 731-238-4243 today for your food tomorrow! They do not appear to have a website yet, but the Instagram page is¬†   Great for events, BBQs, potlucks and more!